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10/10/2010 15:21:29
Re: force termination during pregnancy

I working for my current company since 2005.
I holding a middle management level & my current salary at 3K.
I'm on my 23 week of pregnancy & suffer from moderate to serious backache due to pregnancy.
My superior assign me with task which I may not be perform well due to my health condition. I do inform my superior & top management regarding this now.
My superior insist me to accept the task assign by top management.

Now, my company top management using the reason I cant perform my task well as assign by top management to force me tender a resignation letter from my current position.

Can my company do so ?
Do i entitle 2 month maternity leave with salary ? I checked thru my offer letter. No maternity leave is stated clearly on the offer letter.My company HR dept is only verbally inform that company policy is staff who holding manager level only entitle 1 month maternity leave.
what is the legal action I can do to protect my right on this incident ?
If I want to ask for compensation, what should I do ?

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KL Siew
10/10/2010 20:46:27
Have you resigned in the first place?
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