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07/02/2010 15:39:06
Re: Hospitalisation Leave

Dear Sir,

I was admitted to a hospital for a surgery and was under general aneasthesia through out the surgery. I was given a discharge by the doctor the next day to recuperate at home. The doctor also issued me a 2 weeks MC for this purpose. Could you enlighten me whether this MC is considered Hospitalisation Leave or a normal MC? Does a person need to physically stay in the hospital in order to claim for Hospitalisation Leave?

Please advise. Tahnk you very much.
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KL Siew
07/02/2010 16:52:18
Yes, must be physically stay in hospital unless the doctor certified otherwise. The proviso in Section 60F of the Employment Act has this to say:

"And provided further that if an employee is certified by such registered medical practitioner or medical officer to be ill enough to need to be hospitalised but is not hospitalised for any reason whatsoever, the employee shall be deemed to be hospitalised for the purposes of this section"

Otherwise, the period of recuperation at home is just ordinary sick leave.
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