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09/10/2010 17:45:15
Re: Working Hour 5 hours/day , entitled PH paid?

Hi Mr Siew, we have an office cleaner, her working hours is from 8am till 13:00 noon (Monday - Saturday), based on the letter of employment her basic pay is RM3.20 per hour. Is she entitle to Public holiday pay? but PH does not state in Letter of employment. Please advise! Thanks!
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KL Siew
10/10/2010 09:19:13
Yes, she is.
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Jijar oj
18/10/2010 00:20:59
Public holiday is everyone right and if the Public holiday is not given the staff need to be paid double rate of his normal rate(2.0) per hours after more than 8 hrs of his normal working hours he is to be paid (3.0) which i think is fare for all staff as her pay is low unless if her pay is more than RM1500 then she should given a replacement leave
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