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06/10/2010 13:53:05
Re: Relocate from one base to another base in malaysia


Recently i just relocate myself from office in Cyberjaya to office in Penang. I am not very happy working there and wanted to relocate back to cyberjaya. I am not suppose to relocate within a year accordingly to company policy. If i happen to choose to make noise by saying that i have culture shock in Penang will the HR help me to relocate back to Cyberjaya?

Looking forward for your respond...

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KL Siew
06/10/2010 18:01:03
To me, Penang is a nice place to work. The food is great. However, you can try your luck with your HR. But I don't think it will of any good. Better don't make noise if possible and try to get used to Penang.
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