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Mr. Dhil
05/10/2010 09:49:18
Re: Annual Leave

We have new staffs who have been working just abt 4 months with us, they are taking annual leave like as if they are entitled to it. Question is are they entitled to paid annual leave or not, anyone pls care to advise?
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KL Siew
05/10/2010 11:32:26
It is ok for an employer to grant advance leave but should see to it that leave is not granted more than what the employee is entitled to. The employer may grant prorated leave to the complete months of service. For example, leave entitlement is 8 days per year. If the employee has put in 4 months service, you may grant him not more 1/3 of the 8 days. If he wants to take more than that, it will be no pay. However, some companies may not want to do that. They will treat any leave taken before 12 months service as no pay leave.
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