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03/10/2010 23:03:53
Re: Resignation & ot leaves claims

Hi, I would like to ask 2 Qs
(a)If an employee tender and his notice is 1 month but he still got 15 days OT leaves left (all OT hours worked is converted to leaves). Is it the leaves burned or he still can take leaves during the 1 month notice?

(b)How if the employer ask the employee goes off before he served the 1 month notice?
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KL Siew
04/10/2010 09:34:36
(a) Well, in my opinion, if the employer is not willing to allow him to take the converted leave, then he should be paid the overtime worked or the converted leave earned. Definitely not burned as you said.

(b) Pay indemnity plus whatever due in (a)
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