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03/10/2010 12:42:58
Re: Lateness & OT

Hi Sir,
Working time
- 8:00am till 5:00pm

Basic pay = RM1000

Company policy: if an employee late for 5 minutes & above but less than 30mins, company deduct wages for 30 minutes.

On 14/9/2010 late for 6minutes, i.e. in 8:25am & time out at 20:01pm
the company done by company is as follows:

a) 1000/30 days / 8 hrs x 0.5 hour = RM2.08 salary deduction for lateness
b) company considered 17:00pm till 20:01 = 3 hours OT
= 1000 / 26 / 8 x 1.5 x 3 hours OT = RM21.63 OT paid.

Is this a correct & lawful calculation/payment? Am I earned more? Thank you.
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KL Siew
03/10/2010 17:19:15
a) Coming late for work is in fact a misconduct. To me, that penalty is very light. You will not be affected by it if you don't come late. Just be punctual.
b) That OT calculation is correct.
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