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02/10/2010 11:30:25
Re: Letter of Employment for age above 55

HI Mr Siew, we employed a store assistant who joined 1/10/2010 (for 1 year contract 1/10/2010 till 30/9/2011), his age 55, need your clarification as follows:

1) Subject: Letter of Employment, correct?

2) Probation Period 3 month, can we put this clause under the letter of employment?

We will treat this as yearly renewal contract basis if the performance is good. Please advise!
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KL Siew
02/10/2010 18:46:49
Be guided by Regulations 5(b) of the Employment Regulations You may put in the probation clause and you must have a termination clause by stating the period of notice required. You must cover him with SOCSO. Ask EPF whether you are liable to contribute or not.
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03/10/2010 12:30:33
Thanks a lot!
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06/11/2010 17:44:26
Hi Mr. Siew

My relative wished to close his clinic because he has been diagnosed with cancer. He has a few staffs under his employment. If he gives them enough notice to terminate their employment, is it compulsory for the employer to compensate the employees?

Would appreciate your prompt reply and advice. Thank you.
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