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07/02/2010 00:59:20
Re: Socso and Insurance Claims

My wife was on her way to work see meet with an accident in Aug 2009 and as a result of this I had to take her to a private hospital and she was admited for 1 day and the cost came up to almost 2k and was on MC for all most 1 mth.went refer to her company about socso they infor her she need to apply and do it herself and her madical insurance card was only given to her after the 1 mth MC.

My question is it right for the company to ask her to submit the socso claims and why is it not the company doing it and during the course of her MC the company paid her salary.

Is it right for the company after asking to pay for the madical bil which I had pay early to ask my wife to claim from the company insurance agent company and till today this matter is still pending and nothing has been done by her company.

Please advise.

Thank you.

PS.My wife has been working with the company for 3 years.
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KL Siew
07/02/2010 09:18:34
The employer should first report the accident to SOCSO and SOCSO will follow up. Since it is not sure whether the accident was reported to SOCSO, I think it would be better for your wife to pay a visit to SOCSO office to find out more about the case.
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