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New Bird
30/09/2010 17:50:03
Re: Must company approved UNPAID LEAVE for Probationer due to her pregnancy?

If the employee still under probation request for ONE MONTH unpaid leave due to her pregnancy, must company accept her request? It this lawful if company not approve her UNpaid leave with reason that company not practice this policy?
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KL Siew
30/09/2010 20:34:45
The approval of unpaid leave is entirely at the discretion of the company.
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New Bird
01/10/2010 09:40:11
Thank you for your kind advice.

With your advice i will be more confident to told her ONE MONTH unpaid leave is too long (normally we just allow 1 or 2 days with reasonable excuse and proved) and company so far not practice this policy and her request is rejected.

Once again thanks.
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