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30/09/2010 13:31:35
Re: Time Off and MC

what's the different between time off & mc ?
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30/09/2010 14:17:33

Time off:- Employer may not pay the pay during the time off' you've taken.

MC :- Employer should not deduct you pay for that day (for monthly pay employee)
For (daily pay) employee, employer should pay the salary for the day(s)
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Jason NAJ
06/10/2010 00:05:51
Good day, Sir / Madam;
may I ask the following questions:-
a) I went on 4 days' annual leave, and fell sick with a day's MC from a registered GP doctor,but the company said the 1 day MC was invalid and maintained that i hv taken 4 days' annual, should it not be 3 days annual + 1 day MC ? can I claim back 1 day annual ?

b) i went outstation for a field work with outstation + daily meal allowance; during which i entertained some company guest for a dinner and claimed entertainment allowance for the dinner, but the company deducted one day's meal allowance, is this correct ?as this clause is not stated in the contract or else where.! TQ..;
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