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30/09/2010 10:31:00
Re: reduction on salary

I have a worker joined our company in Feb 2010, works as driver.

So far he joined our company, he has created some unwanted problems.

1st fault, he was asked to deliver goods to our customer in Cheras but in the end he went to Ampang(another customer's shop). It was a waste of petrol, time and man power. We had even received complaints from both customers.

2nd fault, he knocked into customer's car while at work and didn't bother to inform our superior not until the customer complained to our superior. But our superior confronted him, he actually had no feel of guilt as if nothing ever happened.

3rd fault, As a lorry driver he has the responsibility to take care of the lorry.
Our superior needs to check on the lorry and tell him to repair a flat tyre. In fact he knew it, but didnt bother to go repair.

Many other faults accumulated but it's hard to tell at once.
Our boss has already made it clear to him that if he wants to work, work properly and responsibly. How can we reduce his salary in a proper way? TQ
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30/09/2010 12:47:39

Run a proper 'Domestic Inquiry'!
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01/10/2010 10:10:26
can be more specific?
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