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28/09/2010 10:18:06
Re: Absent since 21/9/2010

Sir, we have an operator employee (salary below RM1500) who absent since 21/9/2010 without notified the management / Section Head. 27/9/2010 we sent a show cause letter to his house. This morning she handed over her MC on 21/9/2010 and resignation letter without notice to us. Termination notice is 1 week.
a) do we (the company) have a right not accept her MC?
b) we will accept her resignation & by paying her the sept 2010 salary + annual leave and minus the 7 days insufficient notice, right?

Thank you!

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28/09/2010 12:58:47
a) yes, according to sec60F(2)(b).
b) yes, it's right.
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28/09/2010 14:30:33
Many thanks!
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