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27/09/2010 22:24:54
Re: OT Claim

Hai, I would like to ask is there any Employment Act or Ordinance that can help us to solve this kind of situation?

My manager want us to work for Overtime to key-in all the payroll data from Jan till now into the new system. However, he seem like did not want to pay us the Overtime claim as he force my colleague to request us to help do the work and not being requested verbally or written by him (There will be no prove that it is requested by him).
He asked the progress of our work and he scold my colleague for we still not yet finish the work. We had done the OT for Saturday afternoon and Sunday (whole day). The manager just make it as that's our duty to finish and do OT for the company.

However, i remember that as in the Employment Act or Ordinance, it is stated that those who are non-executive and salary did not exceed RM 2,000 are entitled to have OT claim.
For your information, our company's office still did not have any OT claim form to do the claim yet.

Thank you.
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28/09/2010 13:06:37
It's not exceed RM1500 not RM2000.
No order, no OT. When the manager asking why ur colleague did not do the OT, just say... "No request and order from management".
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28/09/2010 18:04:40
I understand now. Thank you for teaching this.
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