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24/09/2010 00:32:14
Re: Exit Interview

Hi, can anyone please advise me whether is it compulsory for employees upon resignation to sit for an exit interview conducted by the HR department of their respective companies? Or does it depend on the policy of the company?

Thank you
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KL Siew
24/09/2010 10:01:31
Some HR just want to find out the reasons why staff are leaving. The staff could be unhappy about something about the company like its policies, salary, promotion prospect etc etc, so that HR could take step to correct them.
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24/09/2010 10:54:48
Dear Mr Siew,

Thanks for the prompt reply. The exit interview is not compulsory, right? So I can deny them the exit interview as I believe the interview would not benefit me. The HR department has conducted so many exit interviews this year with the staff who have resigned but nothing has been done. Would my session bring any improvement to the company?

Please advise
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KL Siew
24/09/2010 14:50:18
If you are the one resigning, you can at least tell what you think about such interview as you said. No harm being a bit gracious when you are leaving, .
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24/09/2010 17:08:28
Thank you for your advice Mr Siew
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