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Sanjay Kumar
05/02/2010 19:07:05
Re: Sales Commission Payment

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for providing a venue for clearing our doubts and queries. May God bless you.

My query is about my sales commission payment. I am entitled to sales commission paid annually. As most of the sales are made with 90 days credit term, my annual sales commission will be calculated based on sales up to 31st December 20_ _ and payment received from customers up to 31st March 20_ _. The annual sales commission shall be paid any time within 30 days from 31st March 20_ _. All this is mentioned clearly in my Letter of Appointment.

However I resigned from my company effective 12 October 2009. As such I expect my annual sales commission to be calculated based on sales up to 12 October 2009 and payment received from customers up to 12 January 2010 (90days credit term) and the sales commission paid within 30days from 12 January 2010. However my request for the calculation to be made as above is not entertained by my employer. No email reply to my request or reasoning was made by the employer and my calls are not being answered.

Can you please advise me what is my option on legal stand point to obtain my annual sales commission. Can I lodge a complaint or take legal action against my former employer on 13 February 2010 if payments are not made or must I wait till 1st April to take legal action against my former employer.

I really appreciate for your assistance and help.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Sanjay Kumar
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KL Siew
05/02/2010 20:46:10
Personally, I think you can forget about the commission. Why should they bother with you when you are no longer their employee. You may consult a lawyer see whether legal action can be taken to recover the money.
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