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Elizabeth Yong
20/09/2010 15:48:27
Re: Unhealthy work schedule and discrimination

I've been working in this media publishing company for 10 years and have been the few top performers amongst my co worker. My current salary is at RM4.5K. My problem is my immediate superior whom I felt have been turning a deaf ear to my pleas about some certain co worker who had been acting poorly at work. Despite the obvious problems, she chose the easy way out which is to pile the work load at me. Lately I had been diagnose with Stage 1 Hypertension, and I had approach my doctor to get a letter to confirmed my health situation with a clause that state I shall not be loaded with work especially those that involve late nights. Due to my company was restructuring, my doc advises me to hand on to the letter first before submitting and he say the date of the letter does not matter. At current state, my boss still keep piling work on the other able employees including me, and letting the deadwoods gets away scott free. Other heads with higher rank than my boss knows the problem in my department but no one seems to want to help. A lot of the able co workers had quit and left. Now I'm so demotivated with the state of my department and lost all respect to my boss. I would like to know, if I submit the letter from my doctor, and if she continues to make me work late, am I able to take actions on her? Sometimes I work more than 12 hours in the office. Is there a law to protect women when it comes to working long hours and late nights? My handbook does state the usual work time which is 9.30am to 5pm but with a clause that state if there's work I need to work later into the night. I understand there's an Occupational Health and Safety Act. Will that protect me if I refuse to work late in the context of my disease? Thank you for your time.
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KL Siew
20/09/2010 17:14:23
For me, I definitely would not want to use the doctor's letter to get a lighter workload. To me, it is counter productive. It may reflect poorly on my physical/health conditions and is not good for the record . With that sort of working experience, I would quietly start looking for greener pastures elsewhere and say goodbye.
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Elizabeth Yong
20/09/2010 17:35:58
Thank you for the prompt reply.

Actually I have told my boss and the highest head about my medical condition. She seems uncomfortable at first or maybe worry. But now she seems she had 'forgotten' about it.

I will consider your advice.
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