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20/09/2010 10:03:38
Re: Medical Board

Can an employer Medically board (terminate) a confirmed staff because of medical reasons. Recently a staff was admitted and the medical bill was >RM 25K. The company paid 80% of the bill as in the employment contract. Now that the staff goes for follow ups, the company decided to medically board the staff without referring to Socso. Is this proper or any employer is empowered to medically board (terminate employment) a staff because medical problems?
Pls comment.
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KL Siew
20/09/2010 10:29:33
I don't know how you are to have someone medically boarded out without referring to SOCSO as it will affect SOCSO's interest. I think you better consult SOCSO as to what is the best way to go about it.
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12/01/2011 13:49:17
1. Can we terminate staff on medical ground. What is the procedure ?

2. For the post of Acting ( Example : Acting GM ) is there any period or duration for Acting Post under the Labour Law.
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