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17/09/2010 17:27:45
Re: Replacement Days

I have been working weekends (Sat &Sun) with overtime pay without any replacement days. In my employment contract it is stated as 5 days per week I sometimes work for 1 month stretch without any break though I can claim for the overtime. I earn more than RM1500.00. My question is

1) Am I eligible for replacement days for working in the weekends?
2) Also I am suppose to be on stand-by during the nights where I have to work if there is a need. Is there a replacement for this also?

Please do reply as I am working for the company for 5 years and I do respect my company but I feel exploited and constantly unable to relax even if I do get a break since I am on call 24/7
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KL Siew
17/09/2010 20:24:16
1. If you are paid overtime then there will not be replacement.
2. There should be replacement for the extra hours put in.
When you respect your company, it does not mean you will have to allow yourself to be exploited. Don't be shy to ask for fairer deals. If you keep quiet they may bully you. Since you not covered by the Employment Act, you have to fight for your own rights.
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