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17/09/2010 15:16:56
Re: transfer

I am a young HR officer.

I am being put on administrative leave since 1 Sept and being call back today, 17 September. After their investigation in some alleged complains bout me, i am being told verbally i will be transferred to administration + customer service and be given a warning letter (but have not receive the new employment contract + warning letter - they will give me on wednesday). I was not told of any evidences to show i am guilty. I asked and they say they do not want to go into details of it.

I am told to report back on next wednesday and a new employment contract with the new job description will be given to me.

Can i claim under constructive dismissal when they present the new employment contract to me please? I feel unfair as i think the burden of proof lies with the employer before taking action against me.

Can you advise?
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KL Siew
17/09/2010 16:37:13
Answer given through email.
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