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17/09/2010 10:40:24
Re: Probationary period

Hi! our appointment letter stated "3 to 6 mths as depend on performance, attitude & self conduct" under the probation period clause.

- Her date joined is 3rd May 2010
- Supervisor submit the appraisal form on 14/9/2010 to extend another 3 mths due to poor performance & absent a lot.
- Company policy does not mentioned about automatic confirmation

Can we extend him 3 mths by calculating the period from 14th September till 13th December 2010? Thanks

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KL Siew
17/09/2010 15:12:27
You can do that if you think she still requires more time to improve. On your part, you must give her training so that she knows what to do and how to do. It is no point by just extending the probation period without giving proper guidance.
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