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05/02/2010 13:39:32
Re: Unpaid Leave & MC

Dear Sir,
This is a very good website to help others. Congratulations & God bless you.
Well, I have a company does not have any particular panel clinic/hospital. But they said that only government hospital MC recognizable. I had taken MC one day at a clinic nearest to my house (because bad food poisoning!). Then without my knowledge, my pay was deducted (only realise when get payslip). The HR did not even tell me that my MC is not acceptable - my superior even signed to approve. When I question HR, she said it is "automatic". Then when I ask why did not deduct annual leave since I have many - she said "procedure". I did call Labour Office to just check - they said should not be so & told me to get copy of my MC chit & leave form to make report. But HR refuse to give me copies! Moreover, when my department receive the "monthly MC memo", I saw that my unpaid leave still calculated as MC also!
Is this alright?? Thank you.
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KL Siew
05/02/2010 16:50:17
Never mind, just go and make a complaint. You can say HR did not want to give you a copy of the MC. Show them the payslip that shows the deduction instead.
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