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15/09/2010 12:48:11
Re: Annual and passage leave

My question is ff A is entitled 20 days annual leave for 2010 in Malaysia. On 1st July A was seconded overseas till 31.12.2010. Usually we give 7 days leave for every 3 months which means it should be 14 days.
What I would like to know how do I calculate his annual leave for 2010? Is annual leave and passage leave the same?

Option 1
I pro-rate his leave entitlement in Malaysia from Jan to June 2010 i.e 10 days and
pro-rate his overseas leave which is 14 days. Total for 2010 should be 24 days.

Option 2
A is entitled 20 days in Malaysia plus the 14 days = 34 days.

Can you kindly advise me which should be the correct calculation.

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KL Siew
16/09/2010 10:12:03
That is something only you will know, whether the oversea leave of 7 days for each 3 months is in addition to the normal leave entitlement of 20 days per years or not. If it is not clear, I think it is time to have that properly clarified.
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20/09/2010 09:44:00
The employment contract states the Annual leave is 20 days. As long as the staff is still in the company's employment, the 20 days is the entitled annual leave plus any additional assignment leave; eg travelling days for overseas meetings or even local seminars etc..
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22/09/2010 17:06:33
Dear Raj

Thanks a lot for your reply.
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