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Jess Lim
14/09/2010 20:29:04
Re: Probation/Confirmation, EPF & Medical Leave

Dear Sir /Madam,

I would like to know the labour law regarding Probation/Confirmation. I joined my company as a Senior accounts Executive since 10/3/2010 but until now still no confirmation and company keep saying they will comfirm me.But until now never comfirmation me , isn't i can sure this company? I already suffer in this problem and unsaticfly they force unreasonable to setter all the old account and new account.

My detail in appointment letter for this company as below:

Salary offer in appointment letter: Rm 3,200.00
Position: Senior Accounts Executive
Joined :10/3/2010
Probation period :3-before end of the 6 months
Date for appointment letter :15 /3/2010

Medical Leave: under probation cant claim and calculate for unpaid leave. (Can i sue? interview never said about it,when i sign appointment letter i just know)

EPF: First Month dont have EPF contribution. (Can i sue? interview never said about it,when i sign appointment letter i just know)

I very angry & suffer about this company and bad feeling.Because within this 6 months (when i still working here arround 3 months) my manager force me finish two inter company Audit for year 2009 & 2008. He told me if i can not finish in one week means i unable to work and this company give me salary for what. I so sad and finally i done within one week but one set account going for audit on July and another set account audit in this week (half audit and continue after Hari Raya because Auditor want to go back hometown). Actually i very suffer in this audit but final i overtime also settle it.

I waiting until after Hari Raya if still no any comfirmation or no comfirmation, for my idea is i will give resination letter for 2 weeks (follow appointment letter reign within probation period).Then after resigned i just sue this company. Isn't i can do like this.

I hope can hear from you soon.And waitng for your professional suggestion regarding the labour for Probation/Confirmation , EPF contribution & Medical Leave .

Thank You so much.Hope can hear you soon. Have a nice day.

Best Regards,
Jessr Lim
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KL Siew
15/09/2010 10:34:10
As an accounts exec and drawing a salary over RM1500, you are therefore not covered by the Employment Act. As such, the terms and conditions like medical leave/claims may be valid. You may however complain about the EPF contribution. Anyway, if you don't like the job there, you may as well start looking for another one elsewhere.
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