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14/09/2010 19:09:33
Re: Resignation

Hi Siew,

I signed a contract proper (in 2007) that stated I needed to serve 2 months' notice. The parent company has given me a new portfolio (no pay or benefit increment) and I was made to sign a new appointment letter that briefly states that I need to serve "1 semester notice". (education line). Most new employers will need to take in new staff at short notice. I have just received news that I might be offered a new job elsewhere, but need to join in 2 month's time. Do I fall back on the contract proper or just a letter of appointment which is just briefly written with no description of what is the length of "i semester"?

Thank you for offering insight to a desperate person who needs to leave the present company.
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KL Siew
15/09/2010 10:24:08
Since you have signed the new contract, I think the new condition on notice period should prevail.
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