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14/09/2010 18:04:15
Re: Pay deduction for late coming ( less than 10 minutes) cumulated for the whole month

Can an employer deduct staff salary for the time of coming late to work; cumulatively for the whole month i.e everyday between 5 and 10 minutes because of public transport. Staff will go back late every day but management do not accept extra time worked as compensation of time for being late. What is your opinion Mr. Siew
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KL Siew
15/09/2010 10:19:12
Just don't come late and no one should expect to be paid for coming late. Punctuality is very important.
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20/09/2010 09:54:03
Certainly you have said it right.
Staff argue that they are replacing with every minute and should be counted.
My opinion is that one should be punctual to work.
Will unhappiness lead to poor performance and bad KPI?
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