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05/02/2010 13:25:35
Re: Short Notice Resignation

Hi... I'm suppose to give 1 month notice but due to unforseen circumstances....I want to give in only 24 hours notice. Been working with company almost 7 years. I want my last day to be Monday 8 February (hand in letter in the morning). I have about 10 days balance leave & have worked the first week of February.... So taking into consideration my leave & number of days worked, is it possible to leave at short notice?? Anyway, if I just leave without any notice whatsoever, then what are the consequences (I know many previous staff did but no action was taken!).... Please advise accordingly. Thank you so very much.
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KL Siew
05/02/2010 16:46:31
You will then have to pay a month's salary in lieu of notice. Since you have 10 days leave balance, you may ask to deduct 10 days' salary from the one month's that you are supposed to pay the company. Since you said your colleagues who resigned without notice and the company did not take any action against them, you can try your luck also if you think you can get away with it. The choice is yours.
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