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14/09/2010 03:33:01
Re: Termination of Employee During Probation (pls ignore the earlier one)

Ignore the earlier message.

I am working for an company for the past 7 months and probation period was extend another 3 months and given a termination date together. Its not bec of my misbehave or attendance but just one particular reason which is Call quality which we have to achieve 85 % every month. I only able to reach upto 75-80%. Due to tht i will be terminated on Dec 8. Kindly advice as this is not been advised when they hire me for this job and even the recruiter has resigned. Its not only happening to the employee under probation but with the permenant employee as well. This job is not secure at all and how come this employer are allowed to terminate the employee only for one particular reason which can be improve. I am having high commitment and i am not sure wht to do. I am looking for another job but i kind of confuse and frustrated how this can happen to an employee? What shall i do?

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KL Siew
14/09/2010 08:48:45
See earlier reply.
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