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13/09/2010 13:01:55
Re: over medical leave of 60days but yet to resume work

Can we terminate a staff after he took all days medical leave and yet he still can provide medical leave for 2 more month but not hospitalisation leave. Something is fishy as we suspect he might just wanna rest as his injuiry is very minor.
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KL Siew
13/09/2010 14:14:27
It is not for the employer to judge whether the injury was serious or not as long as there is a MC to say he is unfit for work. I don't think you can terminate his service for that reason. You need not pay him the 2 months when he was not hospitalised.
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14/09/2010 13:25:25
thx siew, means we stop his payroll till he's back to work? he actually a new staff when he started to work only 3 days before met the accident then onleave till now-more than 3months. Does this means his probation period need to be started again?
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