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04/02/2010 22:49:20
Re: Salary paid less due to uncomplete 01 month

The staff reported/start work with new company on 4 Jan 2010 Monday, 1st Jan on friday (New year), Sat. off day and 3 jan sunday rest day. On the pay day end Jan the staff get less due to reason he had not complete 01 mth, Is it right?
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KL Siew
05/02/2010 08:57:21
If he started work on 4 Jan, then his salary should only be calculated from 4th Jan. By the way, what about the appointment letter? Was date of commencement of employment mentioned? If 1st Jan was mentioned as date of commencement (some HR people simply type in a date without looking at the calendar), then it is a different story.
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23/02/2010 01:17:00
Some company likes to play jerk with us you think they dont know the date?They know the law well and use the law to play on us.
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