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07/09/2010 16:37:51
Re: Public Holiday

As I heard that the compulsary PH for year 2010 is 11 days instead of 10 days. Please confirm.

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KL Siew
07/09/2010 17:10:55
Please get confirmation from the Labour Office.
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10/09/2010 12:37:48
I read the Chinese Press Sin Chew 3 days ago and Perak edition tells something about Malaysia Day and Public Holidays.

The Labour Official (Perak) says PH is still 10 days and 9-16 Malaysia Day is compulsary.

If the company has issued an ammoucement that 10 days PH for the staff and Malaysia Day is not included in the 10 days, it means the company has to give one more PH for Malaysia Day. (Totally 11 days)

If 10-day PH is included Malaysia Day, it should have no problem.

Those who work on Malaysia should be paid doubly; or given one-day holiday for replacement.

Just share the related infomation.
For further info, please contact your local Labour Department.
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