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03/09/2010 16:18:06
Re: Special case In Sales On Contract

Hi Siew,

I have a very special case here which is I first joined this company on 1st of June, 2010, and being asking to sign a letter with title ''Appointment as Assistant Manager - Sales On Contract''. Content stated I'm the catergory of Executive BII (EB2), with salary above RM1,500.00. My probationary period was 6 months and the contract of service for a period of one year from 1st June 2010 and will expire on 31 May 2011. There was stated if I wish to terminate the contract before expiry, I'm required to pay an equivalent month amount of salary for incomplete months of contract period. But this letter did not show or written any about termination notice, how many month of notice I should give If I'm decided to terminate now. It was my 4th month to work here, I found I was being cheated and threatened by this company if I did not performance my one year duty here, I need to make compensation of 8 months salary to this company. Will I being sue if I really quit my job now? Can I don't bother about the 1 year contract, and I ven confused with this sales on contract, is it a appointment letter only. Please kind me, I'm quite panic and urgent for this, this company will going to sue me soon.


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KL Siew
04/09/2010 09:40:44
If that is the case, why not make them terminate your service you and demand that they pay you equivalent amount for each incomplete month instead? Give some poor performance and collect you gaji buta so much so they cannot tolerate you anymore. You don't have to take my views seriously. Be careful when you sign any contract next time.
If you have already put in your resignation, they may sue you. Whether they can succeed or not is another matter. Consult a lawyer will be better.
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