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03/09/2010 10:35:31
Re: Notice for Domestic Inquiry

Hi Mr. Siew,

Good day to you. I would like to enquire, if my company would like to serve a DI letter to a staff for misconduct, how long must we wait before the DI can be called. Supposed we deliver the letter today (Sept 3, 2010), can we proceed with the DI on Monday (Sept 6, 2010)? This staff works on saturday n sunday and we will suspend him pending the DI.

I ask for this question because holiday is coming already and it will be a long one. The staff also took annual leaves and we don't want to be accused of purposely doing a DI during his off days or annual leave days.

Please advise, thank you.

Eng Onn
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KL Siew
03/09/2010 14:31:03
It is alright if you think you have given him sufficient time to prepare for his defence and he did not object to that short period of notice given to him.
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