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03/09/2010 10:08:04
Re: working in public holiday

can u tell us how to calculate the over time on 31st aug which is pucblic holiday. its is triple or double?just for employee who pay below rm1500 or all the staff is same?...A.S.A.P
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KL Siew
03/09/2010 14:24:50
The formula is (salary/26) x 2 and not 3 times.
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Alages V
03/09/2010 17:50:01
Salary below RM1500:
a) Monthly rated staff - on a public holiday, rate from 8am~5pm (first 8 hrs) should be 2 times (for every hour) of the ordinary rate. Any work done after the 8hrs would be overtime and the rate would 3 times (for every hour) than ordinary rate.

b) Daily rated workers - First 8 hrs would be 2 times (for every hour) of the ordinary rate. The following hours after that would be 3 times of the ordinary rate.

Salary above RM1500:
As speculated in the employment letter or contract.
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08/09/2010 18:06:01
What are those holidays that company has to pay triple if the staff work on that particular day?
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09/09/2010 11:15:40
if my company give triple for public holiday.
may i known how is the calculation

RM1,000/ 26 days =38.46 X 3 =RM115.38

pay=RM1,000 + RM115.38

and double for sunday

RM1,000 / 26 days =RM38.46 X 2 =RM76.92

pay= RM1,000 + RM76.92

this calculation is correct or not.
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