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02/09/2010 11:03:58
Re: RE: Socso Compesating need pay Salary

Hi, Mr Siew I got 1 question to ask you.
If 1 staff made accident when working and his leg n hand broken n entitle hospitalization 5 days n M.C 6 mths.
1) How to Calculate Salary - (Leave)
2) Isn't employer to pay medical fee-10K n checking up every month?? If he want claims the M/V insurance by solicitor employer can take from him the medical claims if he win but after few years??
3) He Claims by Socso but not yet taken the compensate Socso isn't employer must paid him salary first
4) If Compesate by Socso , Employer need to take from him this claims because his salary so high n Socso Claims not enought for his salary n he want employer paid accourding his salary isn't employer want to follow his opinion
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02/09/2010 12:30:00
I forgot to told you, the employee salary is RM5K per mths should I pay him salary if he entitle sick leave/hospitalisation leave
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KL Siew
02/09/2010 15:11:11
Since this is a SOCSO case, I think you better get advice from SOCSO. Ask SOCSO about the possibility of making civil m/v insurance claim as well as SOCSO, whether you should continue to pay his salary or not and so on.
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02/09/2010 17:03:49
Isn't he can deduct from his sick leave/hospitalisation leave for his M.C
n employer must to pay for this leave salary
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KL Siew
02/09/2010 17:16:40
I don't think the period of temporary disablement under SOCSO will affect his sick leave entitlement. You have to ask SOCSO whether the company will be entitled to the SOCSO payments since salary has been paid during the period of disablement.
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