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01/09/2010 15:15:53
Re: Unpaid Leave

Dear Siew,

During maternity leave for 60days, if employee need more days to rest, and willing to take unpaid leave, may i know how to calculate the salary for month of september'10 since this month have 3days holiday? If employee come back to work on 20/9/10, can you calculate for me? salary need to paid for the holidays as well?

Thanks a lot!
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KL Siew
01/09/2010 17:20:26
How long is the unpaid leave she intends to take?
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02/09/2010 10:29:38
Her maternity leave end on 1/9/10, means she should come back to work on 2/9/10, but she fail. She apply unpaid leave from company and planning come back to work on 20/9/10. So, how i should calculate the salary of Sep since Sep have 3days holidays?

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KL Siew
02/09/2010 14:56:28
It is up to you to approve the period of no pay leave. Tell her that you will be no pay for the whole period from 1/9 to 20/9 inclusive of rest days and holidays.
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24/09/2010 10:09:40
Hi, during unpaid leave, is the employee need to be deducted any statutory?Thanks
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29/09/2010 07:46:51
i want to know how the calculation on unpaid leave?
a) base on 26 days or 30 days?
b) any standard formula calculation on this?
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