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31/08/2010 00:05:06
Re: Domestic Inquiry

We have a Sr. Technician (Muslim) who had committed many offenses and each time he make up a story. Chronology of the events as follows:
- Employed in Dec 08
- Poor performance shown in Feb 09. Show Cause Letter issued followed by Caution Letter for unsatisfactory reply.
- Confirmed him in March 09 and given a RM100 raised
- Found to be habitual late in April & May 09. Verbal warning given
- Again habitual late in Nov & Dec 09. Show Cause Letter issued and he responded. A Caution Letter was given after due consideration.
- In Oct & Nov, found to be playing computer games during working hour. Show Cause Letter given followed by a Warning Letter for failure to reply.
- Jan 10, still given a RM170 raise and 2 months bonus in annual review, despite poor performance.
- Found to be insubordination in March 10. Show Cause Letter issued but let off the hook this time.
- In April & May 10, again did not finish jobs assigned, disappeared into no where and writing displeasure on the log book. Show Cause Letter issued followed by another Show Cause Letter for failure to reply to the first one. No further action.
- August 29, report late for duty by 1.5 hours. Handphone not contactable...

Mr. Siew, do you think we have a case to do DI with this guy?

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KL Siew
31/08/2010 15:56:30
I don't think it is a good idea to go ahead with DI for those minor issues which I also think were not appropriately handled from the beginning.
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