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28/08/2010 20:07:00
Re: Fixed Allowance changed to Reimbursement Allowance


1. Can you explain the difference between fixed allowance and reimbursement expenses?

2. The company has changed the fixed allowance to a reimbursement expenses at a maximum entitle amount every month. How does it affect on an employee's point of view?

3. On the company's point of view, is it necessary to issue a notice to all staff which are affected with the change and to get them to sign acceptance?

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KL Siew
28/08/2010 20:51:48
1. Reimbursement means the expenses you paid out first and you recoup the money from the company later on production of receipts.
2. From the employee's point of view, it is likely to be unfavourable.
3. Surely the company will inform the affected staff before hand. If you think the change is unacceptable, negotiate with the management to get a more acceptable deal.
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