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28/08/2010 10:56:50
Re: Title and designation

Pls advise if the Company has a right to remove my existing designation, of which I currently head a unit and asked that I assume the dept function in my title without indicating any designation title. This is because there are plans to pool resources within this unit where more than 1 unit head will be grouped together to report under a higher job grade unit head. My job grade remains the same and this pooling arrangement where the current sub-heads will not carry any designation title, is specifically for this unit only. Other units within the same division and also other divisions in the organisation continue to have heads and sub-heads structure and carry designations as "Head". I have been working more than 10 years in the same organisation as a permanent staff.

Also, how then do I explain my designation when interacting with external parties especially when other sub-unit heads within the organisation carry the Head designation? How will external parties know which level of staff should they assign to meet up with me in the event of a meeting? Can this be deemed as a form of discrimination as the proposed structure is not applied throughout the entire organisation?
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KL Siew
28/08/2010 20:39:09
With more than 10 years working experience there, I think all the staff know about you and should be able to work with you in whatever title you assume. You may have to respect management's right to deploy or reorganise their staff.
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