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03/02/2010 15:07:22
Re: Leave without reason

I involved in a service industry. There is well known that only off for 1 day for a week and Friday to Sunday is work as usual. If an employee already took an off day in that week and absent on sunday without any reason. May i know whether can deduct double for the sunday?
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KL Siew
03/02/2010 15:18:00
Better to warn him first in writing and tell him about the possible consequences including double salary deduction for that day.
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Ivan kang
16/03/2010 11:42:20
Currently i am working as full time admin clerk in a small company. After few weeks i was asked by the boss to help out the production till now. What i concern is can i ask for compansation as i am working in production and clerk as well?

By the way i did not received any appointment letter because i already mentioned tat i will probably stop working around june due to university intake.
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