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27/08/2010 23:24:26
Re: Holiday Pay

I am a foreigner working as a teacher in an International school here in K.L. My employment contract is supposed to end on 25 September 2010.
My employer offer me a new contract last May 2010 in which I did NOT sign. I told them that I do not wish to continue my work with them BUT I will finish my existing contract. Mid of July is the end of School and the start of holiday until 1st september. The employer CUT short my employment to July 31 2010.

I have been working in that International School for 4 years and the school holidays are being paid.

Am I entitled to get my salary for the month of August?

What actions should I do?

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KL Siew
28/08/2010 09:07:06
You have to read the contract again about termination of contract before its expiry. Do they have to give notice for termination or not? Anyway, go to the Labour Department and make a complaint.
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Best to get official advice, call now! Labour Office   EPF   SOCSO