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25/08/2010 22:30:35
Re: OT claim and salary

May l know if l want to calculate my per day salary is how much is use my basic salary divided by 22 days?and my OT is also divided by 22 days and divided 8 hours x l ? because l only work 5 days per week. If my company divided by 26 days can l argue with him as we only work 22 days. because it will affect my O T claim. Thanks
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KL Siew
26/08/2010 14:13:35
(salary/number of days of the month) will give you salary per day.
For overtime rate per hour, the formula is (salary/26x8) x 1.5
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Karin Wong
26/11/2010 10:05:19
May I know how to calculate overtime payment? what is the formula to use calculate ot OT. My basic payment is RM2600 per month for the whole month I have work for OT total 12hrs. How much OT should I receive?
awaiting for your reply.
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