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Ling Ling
25/08/2010 10:26:06
Re: Breach contract

An employee refused to accept confirmation letter that given to her.
1) What is her status now - is it still under probation?

Then she did not come to discuss with superior about this matter. After 2 months, she did not come to work continuously for 3 weeks without given any notice, even sms or call to inform.
2) Does this situation consider are deemed to breach the contract 15 (2)?
3) What actions employer should take to close this matter?

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KL Siew
25/08/2010 12:51:25
1. The confirmation letter stands.
2. You can take action to claim indemnity in lieu of notice from her.
3. Just treat the matter as close.
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Ling Ling
25/08/2010 13:04:34
What are the consequences if the employer send show cause letter to her?
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KL Siew
25/08/2010 13:14:11
The possible consequences are usually stated in the show cause letter in the event the employee failed to show cause.
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