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23/08/2010 18:04:30
Re: annual leave calculation after regsination with full notice serve

he has tender resignation and have serve full notice of two month( suppose to be end of July) but employer verbal request him to work till 31/8/10, so he agreed.

he has another 13 days of annual leave prorata until Aug'10. his co is 5 days working. normal co practice is divided by 30 or 31 days if not work for full month.

so for culculation of the annual leave under such circumstances, which of the below are correct:
1) paid unitil 21/9/10 with the public holiday entitlement (it take 13 days working days from 1/9/10)
21/30 x RM(salary)

2) 13 days of annual leave without taking into consideration of pubilic holiday with co practice of divided by 30 or 31 days
13/30 x RM(Salary)

3) 13 days of annual leave with labor department advise of divided by 26 days
13/26 x RM(salary)

Please advise.

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KL Siew
23/08/2010 20:06:44
The correct one is 3). (salary/26) x 13.
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24/08/2010 12:05:02
I just wander why it is not taken item (1) as this is annual leave? if we use to deduct as notice period for early leaving, it count in with all the saturday, Sunday and public holiday?

it is unfair for people who is like the above to fulfill and responsible for his work.
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18/09/2012 17:00:48
What is the difference of calculation of wages and annual leave using salary/no of days in the month vs salary/26days.
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