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Melissa - KL
23/08/2010 16:27:26
Re: Problem Staff

Our company is facing the following matters with a staff :-
1) Continuosly absent for more than 4 days (claimed not well but when returned on the 5th day, no medical ceritifcates has been submitted). And keep on absent on the following week after present on the 5th day.

2) In Jan 2010 till to date, she has been taking 18.5 days medical leaves (10 days without medical certificates and 8.5 days with MC) and 10 days emergency leaves.

3) Despites two warning letters has been given to her pertaining to the above, no change of performance and attendance were seen.

She has recently tendered her resignation on 19/8/2010. She has to serve co one month notice.Last day supposed to be 18/9/2010.
1) Can we terminate her service on 31/8/2010 instead of 18/9/2010?
2) Do co need to compensate her salary from 1-18/9/2010?
3) Is there a time frame for a staff to submit medical ceritificate? Has it need to be done on the following day when report fr duty?

Please advise.

Many thanks.
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KL Siew
23/08/2010 20:03:16
You should be quite happy that she has at last put in her resignation. If you want to let her go after 31 August, you should pay her up to 18 September.
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Melissa - KL
24/08/2010 14:18:45
Noted with thanks.
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23/09/2010 18:32:18
Could you pls clarify the functions of an accounts manager in a company. We have a staff who was employed as an accounts clerk for abt approx. 6 yrs and she wanted the company to promote her as a manager. Unfortunately, the company could not make a decision so she left 7 months ago and currently re-employed as an accounts manager. She was given a jump in salary and now tries to control the staff including the administrator claiming that she has been given the power by the management. She is interfering with the purchase dept, sales, drafting, store and whatever is going on in the company. Can you advise me what is the function of an accounts manager and a secretary of a company. The secretary is also collabrating with her and messing things up for the senior staff. Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you
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