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23/08/2010 13:25:13
Re: employment contract

Hi Siew,

I want to seek your advice... my company is current laying off many people. However, they are offering some for 3 1/2 contract. The contract start date will be 11th, September 2010. (salary is above RM1500)

1. The company did not provide us sufficient time to think about it... we are required to sign the contract about 15 minutes after the HR presented the new contract? (can we reject the offer at a later time?)

2. In the contract there is also stated that we are not entitled for any MC. (is this right?)

3. Should we fall sick, it will be calculated as unpaid. ( is this right too?)

4. Since the contract date is 11th September 2010 to 31 December 2010, can we reject the contract without paying anything to the company?

5. There is one line in the employment contract stating that we must complete the contract. (can we resigned with 1 month notice?) As after signing the contract, the HR person told us that we need to pay back if we end the contract half way... but i did not find it stated anywhere on the contract

6. Sorry for too many question. thanks
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KL Siew
23/08/2010 13:47:58
Nothing seems right. You might received the layoff letter from the company when you are talking about the new offer from the company . If so, I strongly suggest you pay a visit to the Industrial Relations Department or the Labour Department and get their advice for the type of action you can take.
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23/08/2010 13:58:59
Thanks Siew,

I have received the retrenchment letter... and on the same hour they present me the new contract...

In other words, I can reject the contract before the start date. right?

Thanks for your advice again.
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KL Siew
23/08/2010 14:13:11
Well, just tell them to give you some breathing space to consider at least. Go to the authorities.
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