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18/08/2010 10:02:53
Re: calculation of payroll

Hi sir,

I have an operation staff who start work on 11/08/2010 and leave the work on 14/08/2010(1/2 day). I have not issue an appointment letter for him. He tender resignation letter with 1/2 day notice on 14/8/2010. Our company has a period notice of 7 days for termination of contract for probation staff under full time.

1) Does the company need to pay him the salary for the days he work?
2) Can the company not paying him the salary if the manager has say yes to the resignation?
3) if he is entitle for the pay, the calculation is over 30 days or 26 days? all the while we use 30days as base to the prorate.

Kindly assist.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
18/08/2010 15:24:57
Do not pay him for the days he worked and withhold the salary for indemnity.
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