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17/08/2010 18:02:33
Re: termination due to Firm merging

i am clerk working for a legal firm more then 10 years and earning a pay of RM3,000 and above. My employer would like to merge with other legal firm but without giving me and other staff any compensation. He just called up for a meeting and told us gentlely to ask us to tender our resignation letter ourselves within 3 months time from the announcement . May I know do we have the right to claim for any compensation due to this termination and how high is the chance to win the compensation claim if i were to take action? So far i knew that if the pay is more than RM1,500.00, I cannot go for labour law. I urgently need your advise, thank you
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KL Siew
17/08/2010 19:49:43
Whatever it is, just do not tender your resignation. Let them terminate your service if your service is no longer required. If your service is terminated then you will have right to seek redress. Meanwhile, go to the Industrial Relations Department and discuss the problem with them. With that, you may know better about the situation.
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19/08/2010 12:45:48
Dear KL Siew, I have checked the employment for termination act that if employee receive the termination notice, we have to take action within 60 days from the date of termination from the employer. For my case, my boss (a Lawyer) is only notify us verbally without issueing us any written termination notice, the verbal notice can it be considered as notice deem given?

What if happen if my boss intends to bring me to the new firm (after merging) but i am not quite satisfy with the new offer given to me and i am still considering about it but i think the new firm is in the midst of preparing the Letter of Offer base on the last interview with me. If i refuse to go and refuse to sign the letter of offer, am i entited to the compensation from my existing boss?

Appreciate your early reply
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19/08/2010 13:01:42
Dear KL Siew, is there anyway you can delete my email address in my first email as i dont want it to be shown to public, please....

thank you
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23/08/2010 14:23:46
Dear KL Siew

Hope you are able to reply my 2nd email above ASAP before having me to drive down to industrial relation deparment which is far from my place.

Sorry for inconvenience caused.

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