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02/02/2010 12:54:48
Re: Medical Leave

One of my office staff is on a 2 months contract, starting from 1 Jan 2010 on a monthly salary of RM1300. She applied and was granted annual leave on 29 Jan. The she took medical leave from 26 Jan until 28 Jan. And she called on 2 Feb to say she is on another 2 days MC. Note that the company is based in KL so it was oublic hilidays on 30 Jan and 1 Feb. How many MC is she actually entitled 2 considering that her contract is only for 2 months? If she provides an MC which covers 29 Jan, then does the MC take over the Annual Leave? Fiinally is there any rule regarding the taking of MCs before and after Annual Leave and Public Holidays? Thanks so much for your help.
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KL Siew
02/02/2010 13:10:37
All these questions should have been taken care of in the 2-month contract. Now, since you asked, I would say she is entitled to paid sick leave when there is a valid mc from a doctor. She will not be entitled to any paid annual leave.
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Need Advice
03/02/2010 16:21:48
Our company is practising medical card benifit .. where we dont have a panel doctor .. any clinic that accepts this card can be treated .
But the problem is we are facing high MC .. is there away that we can have a panel and what are the procedures .
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KL Siew
03/02/2010 16:49:55
Just contact any clinic convenient for the workers. The clinic will be more than happy to have your business. Just phone up the clinic and they will let you know what to do.
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