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14/08/2010 05:13:48
Re: Am I in breach of any act/law?

My normal working hours is at 8am-5pm (Mon-Fri).

1) If I work until 11pm (6 hours being paid overtime for the excess of
normal working hours), is this not in breach of Section 60a that states
"Hours of work... not more than 12 hours including normal hours in a day"?

2) There are times when I have to stay back at work until 2am (commulatively I had been at the office for 18hours THAT day). Then, the next morning I can still show up at work at 8am and continue my duty.
Again... is this in any breach of law? What is the minimum rest period in betweens, for that kind of situation? Is 6 hours enough? If not, how long should it be according to law? During this time, I can go eat/have a
short break anytime I want.

FYI, I can claim the excess hours and my company will pay the "overtime"
as long as the work is done. I like it because, I can have EXTRA CASH for those EXTRA TIME, I put on. hehehe...

I just wonder if there is any implication (either on my side or my employer)
as far as the labour law is concerned?
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KL Siew
14/08/2010 13:57:17
Since you are happy and working very hard to make more money, just keep it up. Labour law may not be of much effect when you are not going to complain.
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